5 Shades of Naturist

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I like to think in shades. If my opinion was a colour, it would be a pastel rainbow. There are so many variables to consider in this era of enlightenment, equality and education. Nothing is black and white anymore, literally and metaphorically.

We are being asked to accept gender-neutral policies, with all its restrictions on language, so that we can, as a society, better accept other people’s attitudes and behaviours. Well then- I think it is about time we looked at our attitude to nudity, from both the nudist and the non-nudist perspective. This would mean that nudists could have legitimacy and acceptance, and in turn, accept different shades of nude.

We allow the immersion of violence and sex to our youth, yet we either baulk or giggle at a naked body full frontal. We continually shun the idea of nudity. Must we always be clothed because we can’t trust our banal instincts? Why is it so hard to accept the pleforia of the human shape? Is it body image? Is it conditioning for our so-called best interest?

To Be Or Not To Be, that is the question…

Why must we be either totally nude or totally clothed? Going to a nudist joint for the first time is crazy hard for many of us. One minute you are dressed, next you are almost bullied into taking your clothes off or you can’t stay.

Imagine if there was more acceptance in the nudist community for people who may wish to stay clothed, or partly clothed. It would be understood that there are reasons for your level of comfort. It may be that some of us have body issues, and quite possibly for good medical reason! Or maybe we had a strict up-bringing and been taught to believe that we are all dirty sinners. Some of us have our own attitude that our private parts are not for general viewing. Often we have a partner who loves nude lifestyle. There are practical reasons too- we may feel comfortable with our boobs supported, or our skin protected from the sun.

And non-nudist, just a heads up. Yes, that’s right – head’s up! Keep eye contact, and you won’t get that ogling behavior that goes with the thought “OMG, where do I look?” Just look at the face of the person you are talking to, simple really..

 If you are free enough in mind and spirit, you should also be understanding enough to know that there are at least 5 shades of nudity. Here are mine:
  1. Partial Nudity. The sarong. This versatile piece of material can be used for both the male and female body. Cover as much or as little as you like. Throw it over the shoulder if your skin is burning, use it as a towel after a skinny dip, their uses know no bounds. Every nudist owns one, I’m sure, even if it is just to sit on.
  2. Situational nudity. This means that social nudity is not your thing. You may want your privacy respected. Introverted, shy. Well, make your nude experience private. Ask if there are private sites available. Position your van/tent carefully. Let the host know your situation.
  3. Transparent Nudity. See-through clothing is usually flowing, colourful and safe in that you feel clothed. Nudists around you may feel comfortable with this shade of nudity.
  4. Part – time Nudity. If skinny dipping is your thing. If nude bush walking is what you like. You may pass others, say hello, but you are not likely to see them again.
  5. Glimpses of nudity. Choose for yourself your own level of comfort in nudity. Perhaps it is an over sized see through T-shirt, or a bikini, or just undies.

Your choice. Always your choice…