April 24, 2013

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Tony and Pauline Bos

Tony and Pauline Bos

Your hosts, Tony and Pauline Bos are always available to help you manage your stay and enjoy your holiday.

Tony has always been an enthusiast for nudity, while Pauline is a little more conservative, preferring to stay clothed around others. It was this difference that led us to look for resorts where clothing is ‘optional’. However, this became difficult, as most nudist associated resorts do not allow clothes. So it became a goal of ours – to provide for others who are in similar circumstances.

The river has a wide bend, slowing the flow of the river, and depositing sand and polished stones to create little beaches on the banks of the river. The recent floods have cleaned out the water weeds. The ancient lung fish, still abundant in this bend of the river, can be seen. Platypus can also be spotted in the early mornings, but you must be patient. The abundance of water dragons precipitated its’ nickname – Dragons Bend.