Clothing Optional Camp/Cabin
Burnett River, Bungadoo Qld 

The Perfect body does not exist.

Tony has always been an enthusiast for nudity, while Pauline is a little more conservative, preferring to stay clothed around others. It was this difference that led us to look for resorts where clothing is 'optional'. However, this became difficult, as most nudist associated resorts do not allow clothes. So it became a goal of ours - to provide for others who are in similar circumstances.
We aren't a club. We have no 'events', and we leave you very much alone to enjoy the nature around you.
The river has a wide bend, slowing the flow of the river, and depositing sand and polished stones to create little beaches on the banks of the river. The recent floods have cleaned out the water weeds. The ancient lungfish, still abundant in this bend of the river, can be seen. Platypus can also be spotted in the early mornings, but you must be patient.

Why Bungadoo Breeze?

Tony and Pauline love to share their little piece of paradise. Their vision was to develop what was left of the original ex-dairy farm which had been subdivided over the years. The 20-acre property has the original homestead, (our home) while the neighbor has the original dairy shed. 
Because of its natural beauty, it is managed with sustainability and environmental protection in mind. We only farm the notion of getting back to basics. Water is not fluoridated. Fruit trees are not sprayed. Deadwood is left to decompose and provide habitat. No traps. No poisons. No heavy 4 legged footprints. We encourage a healthy riparian zone. Not one tree was affected by the uncovering of the riverwalk.
Find us:
31 Galeas Rd, 
Bungadoo. 4671
Queensland, Aus
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