Clothing Optional or Naturist?

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Look for this sign

Clothing Optional or Nudist – what’s the diff?

When, or if, you ever have the inkling to visit a place where everyone is allowed, even encouraged, to be baring it all, it is preferable to have some idea of the rules, especially the unspoken ones. In the first instance, it is good to know the difference between retreats designated as CO (Clothing Optional) and those advertised as Naturist (Nudist). In a scale of societal and cultural attitudes, we would see the true nudist at one end, the true textiler at the other, and somewhere in between is the CO attitude – do as you please, and likewise for me.
A nudist resort will be for nudist couples only. Usually you will need to be referred by an existing member of the group, or at least do a good sell on yourself. You will be expected to strip off within hours of arrival. If it is your first time, quite often there is some leeway in that time scale. Some resorts have a private cabin for first timers and allow 24 hours for you to get comfortable with being completely textile free. Nevertheless, you will be expected to join the group around the pool, barbeque or community area.

Are there rules?

The unspoken rule here is to make sure you are not putting your bare bum on chairs. Always bring a bit of cloth to sit on, whether it is a towel, hand towel or sarong. I think it is safe to say that this type of resort is about making friends with like-minded people. They provide community areas, games nights and other types of entertainment.
Of course, at the other end of the scale is where 90% of us remain – bound by tight, uncomfortable, hot, sweaty micro-plastic textiles. Cover up and you can go anywhere. Take your top off and we are in a whole new world of preconceptions, prejudgments and prejudices. But you, my friend, are not one of those people, or you wouldn’t have made it this far into the blog.

Clothing Optional (CO)

So somewhere in the middle is the clothing optional state of being. A place where people just want to be themselves comfortably without caring what other people think about their bodies. An environment where there is no pressure to take off your clothes and no embarrassment if you do. For example, what if your partner liked the naturist lifestyle, but you had inhibitions, be it from poor body image, cultural differences or past experiences? Or perhaps you are a closet nudist?
There is nothing wrong with being discerning when it comes to baring it all. Going around the house starker’s is not the same as shaking hands with a stranger in your birthday suit. Some people make you feel uncomfortable when you meet them whether you are clothed or not. The discerning naturist carries with him/her a pleasant sarong or long scarf, so that when uncomfortable, covering up is an easy and smooth action.
Clothing Optional places will never make you feel uncomfortable for being clothed around nudists. Alternatively, clothed visitors should not make nudists feel uncomfortable either. Follow the silent rule – do not balk, do not stare, be respectful and keep your eyes on people’s faces, not their bodies. If you can’t do that, this is not the place for you. If you want to stare at nude bodies, go to the beach. Oh yes, another unspoken rule – no sudden moves please. One story is told about a group sitting around a table when a ball rolled under it. A bloke dove under to retrieve it- only to see all the women jump back in alarm. It’s always a clever idea to be aware of yourself when you are bending over too – who is behind you and what are they seeing?
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