August 14, 2017

Common Questions

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How Much is a Campsite?

Each campsite is $20 per night.

Can I drive down to the river?

No. There are a number of walking tracks to the river, and one track wide enough for a bike only. This track was re-created without the removal of a tree or bush. We have a healthy riparian zone here and have no wish to denigrate or clear the vegetation. If you have trouble walking up or down an incline, the option to swim in the river will be difficult for you.

What’s in the river?

In the ten years that we have lived here, swimming (nude) in the river has been a common practice. During this time we have seen platypus, lungfish, catfish (native & exotic), jumping mullet, water dragons, turtles (lots of varieties), yabbies, eels and (eek!) 2 snakes in the river (they swam past me before I could react). Not to mention black swans, pelicans, ducks, cranes, and many more of our feathered friends. 

We have never seen (or heard rumors of) bull sharks, crocodiles or any other nasties. However, you should look out for snags, and never ever dive into the river. It is too shallow for that.

Do you have check in and out times?

We aren’t big on rules here. We want you to feel free to come and go as you please. We want you to feel free to feel free.

Arrive early- stay late, we will accommodate!

How many campsites are there?

There are a few designated campsites, but there is plenty of room for more. The sites are situated on a reasonably level outcrop overlooking the river. We tend to let people choose their spot – first in, best undressed!

  • Site 0 is out of the wind with views of the water. Face your campsite towards the river and you will get some shade as well.
  • Site 1 is open, breezy and sunny with stunning river views – suitable for large rigs, motor-homes, and vans with solar panels.
  •  Site 2 is a flat, private spot with access to a shaded area with table and chairs. Suitable for camper trailers and vans. Glimpses of river views. A good site
  • Site 3 is a shady area very suitable for camper-vans and smaller set-ups or people with dogs. It sits on the edge of a gully and is closer to the toilet and tap. It has a shady private area also. Great spot for the shy nudist and wonderful for bird-watching (winged variety).
  • Site 4 is another shady spot in front of some very tall pines. The ground here is very level. Good for the lazy camper who wants to set up and kick back quickly.

Are Singles welcome?

Singles are very welcome. We do not discriminate. Just because you are on your own, doesn’t mean that you have any sort of hidden agenda. It doesn’t automatically make you a pervert! We don’t know your story, perhaps you just lost your partner, and this is something you did together for years. We treat everyone equally with the utmost respect and with the assumption that you are a responsible, respectful adult. If your behavior shows us otherwise, you will be asked to leave- pronto.

Are children welcome?

Our main concern with children under 16 is in relation to the risk agreement. Children are more likely to have an accident in this environment, and how could we live with ourselves if that happened?  Besides, where will the teachers go to escape children in the school holidays?

I would like to do a day visit. Is this possible?

Not all naturists want to camp and we understand this. If you would like to spend the day at our glorious property, come prepared with a picnic basket, camera, walking shoes, hat, sunscreen, and a towel. Give us a heads up with a call or text, please. We expect that you will want to be textile free for the duration of your visit. Full day visits (4 hrs +) are $20. Half day visits (2-3hrs) are $10. You are welcome to wander through the property, find that special quiet place to meditate, swim or canoe in the river, do some nude bushwalking or just bask in the sun.

Should I arrive clothed?

Yes Please! We don’t want you driving nude – you may create an accident!

Will I be greeted by someone clothed when I arrive?

Yes, absolutely. Drive up to the house/office to meet Pauline first. She will lead you to the camping grounds in the golf buggy she zaps around in, show you the walking tracks and answer any questions you may have.

Will I need to take any dirt roads?

Galeas Road is a 200 m graded dirt road but otherwise, no. Coming from Bundaberg, Snake Creek Rd is a graded 3kms gravel road. The other end is bitumen – so keep going to Wallaville -Goondoon Rd to avoid the dirt.

Do I have to go nude?

If you are a day visitor – then yes, we would expect that is what you are here for.

If you are a camper, then not at all. In fact, Pauline is mostly clothed, Tony not. There is nobody here to look or judge. Feel free to feel free! The campsites are private enough for you to enjoy being naked, and if you do get a surprise visitor, there are lots of ways to ‘cover up’, eg men tend to stand behind a chair, or throw on a long T-shirt; women tend to have a sarong handy.

Are the campsites level?

There are 3 level campsites designated on the bank of the river. You may need to do a little adjusting, but by and large, these areas are level enough and spacious enough to suit even the biggest rig. They are very spacious too, so there is plenty of privacy.

Can we have a campfire?

Certainly. A movable fire-pit is provided for your convenience, as well as firewood. Please use safety precautions and enjoy!

Is there mobile coverage?

There will be reception for your mobile phone at the campsites if you are with Telstra. Your mobile phone will operate at the house or on higher ground if you are with Optus or  Vodaphone, but probably not at the campsite.

Is Wi-Fi available?

The long range router for Wi-Fi extends 70 metres radius from the House.  You can easily access your own wi-fi from your campsite. However, if you do want the internet, please ask Pauline for the password. Sit under the 100-year-old fig tree for a good connection.

What water is available?

There is no drinking water available. Please ensure that you have your own drinking supply. River water is not suitable to drink. A tap is available near the toilet, but it is river water – it has been put through a sand filter, and has been treated with chlorine but we advise that you do not drink!

What amenities are available?

We have installed a ‘long drop’ toilet for your convenience. There is a tap, hose and cold-water shower near the toilet area. 

Where are the nearest dump points?

The nearest dump point is heading north at Gin Gin. (10 minute drive). Bundaberg also has a dump point at the park next to the university.

Where are the nearest shops?

Gin Gin is a short 10-minute drive. It is a highway town, so there are plenty of eating places, motels, pubs, a large IGA, chemist, doctor, hospital, laundromat, vet, hippie shop and much more. Saturday markets make a fine breakfast, and stalls are locally grown produce and handicrafts.

This area is home to roadside stalls, so watch out for those bargains when on the road.

We grow organic food for ourselves with many herbs,- chives, basil, lemongrass, and mint. Tell Pauline what you would like and she will bring it to you. You may also like the delicious mulberries and finger limes when in fruit.

Where can I do my laundry?

Gin Gin does have a laundromat. However, you are welcome to use our laundry facilities between the hours of 9am and 3pm. A donation box is provided to help towards electricity. Please use your own laundry liquid.

The first aid kit is also situated prominently in the laundry for emergencies.

What about my rubbish? Do I have to take it with me?

Rubbish bins are provided for you – recycled items & general waste at the bin on site. 

Must I be fit to take the walks?

Reasonably fit, yes. The river walk is a descent that you will enjoy – going back up will be more difficult. The gully walk is an easy grade. The bush walk has a few hills to climb. All good exercise for the heart! Look for the signs strategically placed. Please ensure that you have read The Risk Agreement before going on walks or swimming in the river.

What can we do at the river?

Because the river on this bend is shallow and full of snags, it is not suitable for a motorboat. However, canoeing is a treat, and you are welcome to borrow ours. It is moored at the river’s edge. Please let us know if you intend to go canoeing and for how long. If you don’t return, we can take appropriate steps.

Swimming is safe when the river is at normal low levels. There is a little jetty at the end of the river walk and that is the snag-free, shallow swim spot. If you hear a puff of air and a snort, it will be a curious lungfish. They will not harm you. For your own safety, never assume the depth of the river, and beware of rocks and snags.

If it’s flooded – forget it!

Bird – watching, spotting platypus, lungfish and turtles is a wonderful past time in the early mornings and late afternoons.

Fishing is, unfortunately, going to net you a lungfish (protected) or a platypus. Often you will catch the native eel- tail catfish or bream. (good eating)

Please make any suggestions in the comments below. Your feedback is appreciated.

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