November 29, 2018

Day Visits

Why Bungadoo Breeze?

Tony and Pauline love to share their little piece of paradise. Their vision was to develop what was left of the original ex-dairy farm which had been subdivided over the years. The 20-acre property has the original homestead, (our home) while the neighbour has the original dairy shed. (next to the large shed).

Because of its natural beauty, it is managed with sustainability and environmental protection in mind. We only farm the notion of getting back to basics. Water is not fluoridated. Fruit trees are not sprayed. (we like to share). Deadwood is left in to decompose and provide habitat. No traps. No poisons. No heavy 4 legged footprints. We encourage a healthy riparian zone. Not one tree was affected by the making of the riverwalk.


There is a 500-metre (roundtrip) bushwalk starting at the campground toilet ( of all places!). Just follow the (fading) pink ribbons on the trees. Unfortunately, you will have to return the way you came. Keep your eye out for wildlife. Take your camera and something to sit on. There are some private places to meditate. We hope to complete this bushwalk down to the riverwalk in due time.


Bungadoo Breeze (BB) has  340 metres of river frontage.  The riparian zone is protected by limiting access. There is a 300-metre walking track along the river with access to a swimming hole and a spot to leave the canoes (free to use). You can find a place to sit and watch the platypus, water dragons, turtles and birds.


Some call it a creek, but it is definitely a river. There are 31 weirs and Paradise Dam on the Burnett River. BB is situated 25kms from Paradise Dam (by river) and 10km to the Wallaville Weir which holds back the water for the local citrus farms. The wide bend in the river also slows the current making it most suitable for swimming in. Skinny dipping is fine – you are surrounded by farms and like-minded neighbours. Feel free to feel free.

The river changes constantly. However, if there hasn’t been much rain, you will be able to walk across the river where the sandy beach is. It is mostly shallow, with a few nice deep holes.  You will get used to the lungfish and turtles – they are quite curious creatures. You may be lucky enough to spot a platypus, but birdlife abounds – swans, pelicans, cormorants to name a few. Don’t forget your floats/noodles and other swimming aids. You may want to wear shoes.

What to bring.

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses & hat
  • Towel/sarong
  • Chair/hammock
  • Water & Food (Esky & Picnic basket)
  • Camera/binoculars
  • Walking shoes
  • Cash – we have no eftpos or credit card facilities.


Singles/Couples  – half day (2-3 hrs) $10. Full day (over 3 hrs) $20.

No children allowed.

Where to go.

Day visitors use the campground area to park. From the campgrounds, access the Riverwalk via the track (signposted) and gully walk (starts at the toilet).  Meet the campers, share some stories around their campfire, or go it alone. The choice is yours. Whether you are local or visiting family in the area, or just traveling through – if this freedom lifestyle appeals, you owe it to yourself to spend at least half a day at Bungadoo Breeze.