Is it on your bucket list?

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What causes a 70-year-old to go skydiving? Swim with a manta ray? Drink beer at a German Octoberfest? You don’t need a health scare, a life-changing event or retirement to decide on a bucket list.
The older you are, the more priority is placed on the ‘must-do’ list. When young, fit and invincible, some would say that life itself is their list of intentions, especially if they feel in control, in the driver’s seat. As you get on, however, the thought that you may die without having had certain experiences leads one to create this often-difficult list of tasks and commit to working through it before it is too late.
I have been working on my list for years. After each health scare, it comes out. A 4WD trek through the desert. A mountain hike. Whale-watching. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Visit NZ. Catch a barramundi. When making your bucket list, consider the following – dreams, goals, fears and achievements.
The whole issue with the hit list is that it is designed to give you an adrenaline boost, an increase in pheromones and a sense of accomplishment. Perhaps it is about facing fears. It has been said that every fear hides a wish. It has also been said that a fear reflects a flaw. Whatever the reason, feeling fearful is part of the process that brings about success. Perhaps if we could interpret our fear as a flaw, then the wish to overcome the flaw will be an item on the bucket list.
An example of this is experiencing nudity in the company of other nudists. Facing the fear of body image is huge – for women especially. Such exposure is bound to cause some discomfort, right? Surprisingly, first-timers often recount that they very quickly became comfortable with their own personal nudity and the nudity of others. Because it does feel so natural, it feels unnatural when the clothes come back on!
Intentions should be written down and shared to maximize commitment. There is no limit to your goals, but perhaps it is wise to break it down into achievable chunks for each decade of your life. For example, in your 30’s you may have on your list to seek adventure or try sports activities. In the 40’s, you might want excitement, events or education. The 50’s may see you do volunteer & community work or enjoy nature & wildlife. The 60’s may take aim at travel, family, local experiences or just for fun activities.
It really doesn’t need to be expensive. After all, you only want to try it the once, right? Sure, skydiving, zorbing, white- water rafting or riding an elephant will cost. But it can be financially achievable to learn to surf, sing or belly dance. What about publishing a book or a blog? For even cheaper options, consider giving blood, holding a snake or climbing to the top of a tree.
Or you could do what many are already doing. Go nude at Bungadoo Breeze!