The 2013 Flood

The raging Burnett river during the 2013 floods.

The raging Burnett river during the 2013 floods.

During the terrible floods of Australia Day, 2013 in Bundaberg, the Burnett river swelled and swallowed streets of homes, cutting off many regional areas. Army Helicopters dropped food bags into inundated farmhouses until the floods subsided. From our perspective, we saw a choked up river totally flushed out,  freeing oxygen for the ancient lungfish, only found in the Burnett and Mary Rivers of Australia.  Our family of lungfish are curious and can be often spotted at the local swimming hole.

Sunrise over the river. Great time to drop the line and spot a platypus.

Burnett River, Bungadoo

The beauty of living by a freshwater river is the ever-changing environment. Never stagnant, always moving, changing, shifting and responding to mother earth.

This is the predominant scene at this exclusive property. The current is slow, water levels are mainly knee deep, except for a few deep holes.

There will be no footprints, no people glaring at you, no cattle or wild animals besides snakes, of course, for which we all take great care to avoid, as they do for us.