Which Nudist are You?

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  1. The “Tru-Blu” Nudist.

(Site 1 campsite -named “Tru-Blu” is reserved for you – a large campsite for a 5th wheeler, large caravan or camper-trailer with plenty of sun, and some great river views with breezes. No fixed fireplace because of the breezes.)

The committed nudist could not give a freaking crap who sees them nude. They have no negative body image, no cares about what others think, and tend to be most confident when baring it all. Therefore, you can be sure that a large population of committed nudists will be over 40 years old. Teenagers are way too self-conscious, 20 and 30-year old’s have far too many body issues.

Often the committed nudist will shave their most private part of the body. Age is no barrier to this exercise. Many over-60’s have shaved genitals.  However, it is unlikely that very large bodies are included in this group. Mostly, these nudists are quite proud of their body shape. If not, as I said before, it is because they really don’t care what other people think.

This nudist has a beautiful all over tan, taking every opportunity to work on that tan. Even the fair-skinned variety knows that you can get a great tan from staying in the shade.  When at home, their adult children will despair about mum & dad going nude, and how embarrassing it is for them. Often a long-term traveler, this nude nomad will have a big rig or a set-up that requires a fair bit of space. They will have everything they need at their fingertips because they have been doing this for years, and have perfected the lifestyle. Their self-sufficiency means that they rely on the sun to power up most of their gadgets. Because of this, they provide their own shade where necessary. They love to socialize, enjoying the 4 o’clock happy hour with other nudists. They love to be part of a nudist club, and will mostly know everyone who travels between nudist resorts and clubs around Australia. This is as important to them as golf, tennis or gym.

Transcending all barriers – by laying it bae.

  1. The Sensitive Nudist

(Site 2 campsite – named “Fireflies” is reserved for you – a medium -sized campsite for a motorhome or campervan with a secluded all day shady picnic area-  table and chairs-tucked in amongst trees. A fire pit and wood is provided. Glimpses of the river. Fireflies are often seen at this campsite)

This nudist has a lot of experience in nudity but is highly respectful of others. They do not wish others to feel uncomfortable in front of them, nor do they wish to feel uncomfortable. It does matter to them what other people think and they will often have disapproving, close family members.

The all-over tan is important to the sensitive nudist, who tends to be pleased by their youthful look and body shape. Here is the hard-working, career-minded, adventurous nature lover, loving the change of habitat and culture. Therefore, this nudist is not a grey nomad, more likely a young to middle-aged blue-collar worker who spends 90% of their time in an office or building.

Feeling free to be naked, taking long bush walks, soaking up the sun even in the shade, bathing in the shallows of the river, delighting at the sight of a lungfish, turtle or platypus, loving the bird life and enjoying a meal cooked over the firepit are some of the activities enjoyed.

Having a social time is also important to this variety of nudist. Meeting people of the same inclinations reassure the sensitive ones and renews their conviction toward nakedness as a way of life. The sensitive nudist, though, will deploy strategies around new people, or people they feel uncomfortable being nude with. For example, they may stand behind a chair, wear a t-shirt, or throw sarong over parts of the body.

The committed nudist is where they are headed, loving the shared stories around happy hour, and want the feeling of ease around others in birthday suits. We call them the new hippy – ‘Gypsy”.

Breaking down barriers – by laying it bare.

  1. The Shy Nudist

(Site 3 campsite – named “Treetops” is reserved for you – a smaller campsite for a car and tent-   a separated nudist area with a marquee for added privacy and shade. Sprinkler set up. Gully views. Tucked away in treetops. Not much breeze. Afternoon shade.)

The Shy Nudist will go nude in solitary circumstances, or with a partner when they are feeling safe in their environment. Feeling safe is the key factor in continuing the habit. They would love to go nude more often but don’t often get the chance for whatever reason. So having not much practice at it, and very little opportunity to share nudity among other nudists, they are acutely aware of their own vulnerability at being nude in front of strangers.

A seasoned nudist will forget that are textile free; not so with the shy nudist. It is always forefront in their minds. Practicing nudity is the only way out of this feeling of self-consciousness. The more often it is done, the easier it becomes, especially when surrounded by like-minded people.

This nudist is aware of their footprint on the environment, seeking to neutralize it. They will justify their enjoyment of nakedness by suggesting it is helping the environment – less plastic clothing, less waste, fewer toxins, fewer detergents.

There is no set body shape or age to this type of nudist because what holds them back is often the culture and thinking of how they have been brought up, and their inability to overcome it. Many times, it is the partner who has convinced them to try it out. Not surprisingly, they remain detached from the social group at Happy Hour.

Crossing the lines- by laying it bare.